What is a R&D Tax Loan?

An R&D tax loan is an alternative financing option, allowing companies to use their pending or future R&D tax claims as collateral for a short-term business loan. Delays are common within the UK R&D tax industry, increasing the time the claiming company has to receive their cash tax benefit.

Walmer Finance was established with the vision to become the UK’s leader in lending against R&D Claims. We work with eligible companies to advance their R&D Tax claim benefit upon submission to HMRC. We understand the significance of the benefit that we’re able to obtain for you and want to ensure that your business’ activities were not hindered by the usual HMRC claim process time.

How it works

3-5 DAYS
  • 01
    Loan Application
    • Client Due Diligence
    • AML/KYC Check
    • Company Credit Check
    • Proprietary RiskAssessment of R&D Tax Claims
  • 02
    Lending Overview
    • Review application results
    • Discuss administration fee and interest fees
  • 03
    Sign Lending Terms
    • Review and sign terms of loan
  • 04
    Receive Loan
    • Receive loan via a bank transfer

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