What is an R&D Tax Loan?

An R&D tax loan is an alternative financing option, allowing companies to use their pending or future R&D tax claims as collateral for a short-term business loan. Delays are common within the UK R&D tax industry, increasing the time the claiming company has to receive their cash tax benefit.

Walmer has been established to provide innovative companies with an alternative funding solution, through R&D tax loans and Government grants. Through our R&D tax lending facility, we are able to expedite a company’s tax benefit so they can receive their cash tax refund or credit within a matter of days compared to weeks or months.

How it works

3-5 DAYS
  • 01
    Loan Application
    • Client Due Diligence
    • AML/KYC Check
    • Company Credit Check
    • Proprietary RiskAssessment of R&D Tax Claims
  • 02
    Lending Overview
    • Review application results
    • Discuss administration fee and interest fees
  • 03
    Sign Lending Terms
    • Review and sign terms of loan
  • 04
    Receive Loan
    • Receive loan via a bank transfer

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