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What is an R&D Tax Loan?

An R&D tax loan is an alternative financing option, allowing companies to use their pending or future R&D tax claims as collateral for a short-term business loan. Delays are common within the UK R&D tax industry, increasing the time the claiming company has to receive their cash tax benefit.

Walmer has been established to provide innovative companies with an alternative funding solution, through R&D tax loans and Government grants. Through our R&D tax lending facility, we are able to expedite a company’s tax benefit so they can receive their cash tax refund or credit within a matter of days compared to weeks or months.

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What are Grants?

Walmer Group offers an industry leading grant consultancy service that assists innovative companies with identifying the most relevant Government grants that are applicable to their business and sector. In order to ensure the likelihood of your grant being approved and funding successfully sanctioned, our team of experts will assist your company with expert copywriting, supporting documentation and submission.

Walmer’s team are experts in advising clients on what Government grants best suit their business and how they can claim those grants. If you would like to find out more, then please get in touch and one of our experts can assist.

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